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At Bafode, we believe that home is where the heart is. We're passionate about creating home textile products that inspire comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

Goose Down Feather Gusseted Bed Pillows

Goose Feather Down Pillows - Set of 2

100% Cotton Fabric | Premium Filling | Multi-Size Bed Pillow

Filled with premium gray goose feather and down,the pillow will hug your neck and head, promoting correct spinal alignment and sleeping position, providing you with maximum comfort and optimal support.

Down Alternative Pillows

Down Alternative Pillows - Set of 2

Microfiber Filling | Medium Support | Ideal for Different Sleep Positions

Sleep soundly in no time when you lay your head on the Bafode 2 Pack Down Alternative Pillows.

All Seasons Down Comforter

All Seasons Down Comforter

100% Organic Cotton | Lightweight | Machine Washable

Invite a relaxing bliss to your bedroom space with the Bafode Lightweight Down Comforter.




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