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Goose Down Feather Pillows

Where Do Pillows Get Their Feathers From?

Pillows, one of the most essential items in our daily lives, offer us comfort and a good night's sleep. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, from memory foam to cotton, and each serves a unique purpose. However, one material stands out and has been used for centuries: feathers. These soft, fluffy, and delicate structures have been sought after for their insulating properties and comfort. But where do pillows get their feathers from? Let's explore.

A brief history of feather-filled pillows

Did you know that feather pillows have been around since ancient Egypt? They were considered a symbol of wealth, and only nobles and aristocrats could afford them. The pillows were filled with goose, duck, or swan feathers and were often dyed or embroidered with gold thread. Feather pillows became popular in Europe during the Renaissance period, and by the 18th century, they were widely available.

Goose Feather

The feather collection process

The collection of feathers is an important part of the pillow-making process. Most feathers used in pillows come from geese or ducks raised specifically for their feathers. These birds are usually kept in large commercial farms where they are fed a specific diet to ensure that their feathers grow quickly and are of high quality. Once a year, during the molting season, the feathers fall off naturally. At this time, farmers collect the feathers without harming the birds.

Goose Down Feather

Sorting and processing

The collected feathers are sent to factories where they are sorted and washed to remove any dirt or debris. The feathers are then dried and put through a machine that separates the quills from the actual feathers. This process is called 'de-quilling' and ensures that only soft, fluffy feathers are used in the pillows. The feathers are then sterilized and treated to remove any bacteria or harmful substances.


Once the feathers have been cleaned and processed, they are ready to be used in pillows. Pillow manufacturers have different ways of making feather pillows, but the most common method involves sewing a cover made of cotton or synthetic fabric and filling it with the feathers. Most pillows contain a mix of feathers and down, which is the soft undercoat found on geese and ducks. The ratio of feathers to down affects the quality and price of the pillow.

Bafode Feather Pillows: Comfort and Quality Combined

Goose Down Feather Pillows

Bafode feather pillows are a popular choice for those who prefer traditional feather pillows. They are filled with high-quality feathers from geese, which are known for their exceptional softness and comfort.

Goose Down Feather Pillows

To ensure both support and plushness, Bafode uses a mix of goose feathers and down. The feathers undergo a rigorous cleaning and processing procedure, ensuring that they are safe and hygienic. Bafode feather pillows are available in various sizes and densities to suit different sleeping preferences.


Feather pillows have come a long way since their ancient origins. They offer comfort, support, and are gentle on the skin. Knowing where pillows get their feathers from can help us appreciate the hard work that goes into making them and make an informed choice when buying one. While there are now alternative materials available, feather pillows remain a popular choice for those seeking a good night's sleep.

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